Sometimes you just need a bit of motivation. I find that when I write a list I am much more productive. Here is this weeks overarching goals. There will most likely be ten more lists this week but I am starting with this one! What is on your list? Oh, and don’t you love my note pad, courtesy of Miss Ellie Abney.


I love Valentine’s Day. Always have and always will. It has become even more fun now that we have sweet Beckett to lavish with love.

I made a few fun Valentine treats (oh, and by treats I don’t mean baked goods, I mean creative projects that take over the house and probably drive my hubby crazy) to share with you.  XOXO

Ed thinks this one is dirty but I think it’s funny. And, I love the silverware and flutes…And, here’s to it!


This is my gift to Ed. He truly is my sunshine and has been since the day I met him almost nine years ago. It consists of some of my favorite letters, cards and postcards we have ever written to each other. 

It’s not Valentine’s Day without some bubbly. I placed the bubbly and flutes in an old crate next to a giant rolled up stash of all the emails we wrote to one another while Ed lived in Sweden. Love notes and memory lane all in one corner of our home.

Last, the breakfast table all set for the morning. Who needs a tablecloth when you can cover the table in paper and write love notes all over it. This one is for my darling Beckett Louise.

I hope you enjoy your Valentine’s Day. Don’t forget to let the people around you know that you love them in your own special way. XOXO

A sea of lovely napkins, why does this make me so happy!?!

Some of these are store bought while others were hand made as a labor of love for a friends baby shower. Remember that girls? Cut, fold, iron, pin, sew, repeat. Ellie’s husband thought we were nuts.

Anyhoo, I just reused them for another shower and was giddy as I washed and ironed them. Am I loosing it?

My sister is my very best friend so when she announced that she was pregnant I could barely contain my excitement. She is the best Aunt EVER to my sweet Beckett and I just knew she was going to be an amazing mother.

Naturally the words “shower” and “nursery” were running through my head and I couldn’t wait to get planning and designing (nursery pics to come, I promise).

Laura is the most generous person I have ever met, so of course she had lots of friends and family that wanted to lavish her with the best baby shower. With the help of friends and fam I teamed up with my partner in crime Julianne De Silva to execute this wonderful evening shower. Thanks to The Why We Love Photographic Memory Makers, we were able to get these insane pictures!

I had the linens custom made to fit a long table.

Gotta love the fireplace! Especially in november.

The chandelier is a flea market find

Laura is a wonderfully talented baker, so what is more fitting then using cake stands to house Julianne’s gorgeous centerpieces.  I wanted to keep the shower clean and crisp but still have that vintage feel. Renting the dinnerware and cake stands from Casa De Perrin was the perfect way to get that vintage feel.

Obessesed with Casa De Perrin’s mix of vintage white plates!

I ordered these great straws from Shop Sweet Lulu.

One of my most favorite photos! The Why We Love, you amaze me.

The Mama to be and Nana

A toast to baby Mack. He was born on Jan 3rd and I am madly in love!

One of the services I provide when doing and initial consultation with a client is creating a vision board. My vision boards rarely consist of the exact product I want the customer to have in their home but instead the feel. This is one of my favorites! Enjoy

Our wonderful friends Matt and Ellie did a maternity photo shoot with the incredible The Why We Love. To add some flair and charm to the shoot, the photographers rented two yellow chairs from my inventory. I found these chairs at an architectural salvage yard and fell in love. Since then, these chairs have been put to multiple uses, but I think this photo shoot is my favorite. Enjoy!

Flea Market Finds!
My wonderful friend Meggin asked for help with a wall in the dining room of her unbelievable home (I’m not kidding, it is unbelievable. Maybe some day she’ll let me take pictures of it and share them with you all), I was so humbled that she wanted my help. She already had a beautiful over sized print hanging on the wall and just wanted to add something more. We discussed the option of doing a mirror wall and I told her I would keep an eye out.
I found two gorgeous mirrors at the flea market and thought of her right away. I texted Meggin pictures of them, she loved them and I bought them. I delivered the mirrors to her that day and we figured out just how they would look best on the wall. One of the mirrors was designed to hang horizontally and the other vertically. We decided to keep the over sized picture she already had and add to the wall with the two flea market mirrors. Instead of hanging the vertical mirror the way we intended, we flipped it on its side for added interest and better aesthetics.
Let me know what you think!

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